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Legát Anna Franciska


Gyöngyösi Eszter
Kondricz Ákos Levente


The Studio was established in 1977 and has ever since been operating as the affiliate of the Association of Hungarian Photographers. Initially it was intended to provide a professional framework for educating artists in the photographic domain thereby substituting for the lack of institutional education in the field. With the recent appearance of several art schools and workshops dedicated to photography, the Studio has moved beyond its original primary mission of education and has by now assumed a role of integration, facilitating coordination and discussion among different styles in photography and supporting the creation of new pieces of work. It aims to assist its members in finding their true artistic selves and provides them with guidance for launching their professional artistic careers. Concerning its institutional form the Studio (together with the Association) is considered an organization of public interest operating in the civil domain. It functions as a democratically organized entity with members and representatives chosen by way of voting. Beyond its role as integrator of styles, its main objectives is to facilitate the professional knowledge, artistic overview and networking capabilities of photographers as well as professionals specializing in the theoretical or historical aspects of photography.

1978, Tahitótfalu, Hungary (photo: Tamás Urbán) © Fortepan

The Studio provides both symbolic and material support for the creative work of its members as well as it represents them at cultural forums and cooperates with parallel organizations in promoting their achievements.The Studio follows the tradition of self-education, offering a variety of theoretically and empirically orientated self-developmental opportunities for its members. It provides an umbrella for as well as it facilitates active involvement and presence in contemporary art life, thereby inspiring creativity and motivating young artists to ever improve their portfolios. The Studio also embraces the role of organizing exhibitions and aims at finding publication opportunities for works by its members. It arranges for opportunities such as creative work- shops, nurseries for artists or participation in festivals and collaboration with other artistically orientated bodies. It also endeavors to afford financial support or scholarships to enable the creation of specific pieces of artwork. In such cases the Studio invites recognized artists and professionals into the juries that decide which support item is to be awarded to which applicant.

1984, Cover of the first FFS anthology (1977-1984)

Lectures, consultations, reviews, discussion forums and educational trips are also among the many possible ways by which the Studio aims to enrich and enable the development of its members. It assumes the nature of a collective workshop where professionals and artists of renown together with young talents can shape and form each other and their artwork. In order to facilitate discussion between creators and audience we consider it important to involve in our activities any member of the general public who is interested in photographic artwork and art life. It is for this end that we organize events where those who admire photography as an art can meet with the insiders of the field, such as photographers, critics, professional writers or art historians. 

Our website too has been designed to meet this very end – providing the reader/viewer with as much information and insight about and into our organization and work as possible. If you are interested in collaborating with the Studio, get in touch with us!

Former managements:


Domonkos Tamás Németh
Domonkos Varga
Emese Tóthová
Izabella Nagy(secretary)


Enikő Hodossy
Richárd Kiss
Miklós Pomsár
Viktória Balogh(secretary)


Andrea Bényi (-2018)
Bálint Ferenczy
Dániel János Fodor
Benedek Regős (secretary)


Flóra Gadó / Flóra Barkóczi
Balázs Turós / Máté Dobokay
Dorottya Vékony (secretary)
Dóra Villing


Zsuzsa Bakonyi 
Edit Barta (secretary)
Judit Gellér 
Zsófia Pályi 


Gergely Barcza 
Zoltán Szmolka 
Balázs Zoltán Tóth 
Péter Trembeczki (secretary)


György Cséka (secretary)
Mátyás Misetics
László Nánási


Gábor Kasza (secretary)
Péter Mátray
Szilvia Mucsy
Gábor Ákos Varga


Tibor Gyenis (artistic director)


Béla Albertini (artistic director)
György Stalter (secretary)


Béla Albertini (artistic director)
Péter Tímár (secretary)