FFS Wednesday (special edition on Friday) - Agnieszka Rayss

FFS Wednesday – 05. 10. 2018.
Mai Manó House

Agnieszka Rayss (Sputnik Photos)
– artist talk

Can photography re-enact the past?

Photography has become a veritable seedbed for (re)staging, re-playing reenacting for the camera. There are works that use further and closer history, mix theatricality and documentality in attractive ways. What does it serve for - can we really look into the past using photography? Is photography still any witness, can it be witness of any past? Where should we stop to believe photography?

Agnieszka Rayss,

documentary photographer, based in Warsaw, Poland. Co-founder of the Sputnik Photos collective. A two-time winner of the Picture of the Year award and other important international and local awards. She published the album “American Dream” (about cultural transformation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe) and recently “This Is Where the End of Cities Begins” – on undiscovered suburban spaces.

Photo © Agnieszka Rayss (detail)