In Essence
22.12.2016 - 09.01.2017

In Essence
– Exhibition of the members of FFS

22 December 2016 - 09 January 2017

In Essence represents a photographic view that does not consider the attachment to reality important, and it even questions it in some cases. The exhibition moves the viewer toward a photographic direction through the different abstracting practices of young photographers. The exhibited artists freely use the technical opportunities of the medium, and consciously condense or extract the visual information. Although the works build upon reality – that is a fundamental peculiarity of the medium - , this time it is not realism we get, but its simplified extract through which artists allude to complex topics, such as the phenomena of touch, the visual representation of the invisible, the image analysis of artificial intelligence or the ruling order in chaos. One can find certain real-world references, thus the artists do not cut their works off reality, they only elevate them. These consciously simplified visual worlds on one hand offer less concrete facts, thus expand the possibilities for interpretation, and at the same time focus the attention.
Exhibiting artists: András Bán, Máté Dobokay, Dániel János Fodor, Katalin Illés, Márk Martinkó, Ping-Pong collective (Anna Ádám, Judit Gellér), Ákos Rajnai, Eszter Riga, Judit Flóra Schuller, Lilla Szántói
Opening speech by Bálint Ferenczy, art historian
Curators: Máté Dobokay, Dóra Villing