ISBN feat. Patron books - Christmas book market
12 - 21.12.2017

ISBN feat. Patron books -
Christmas book market

12 - 21 December 2017

Between the 13rd and 21st of December, as the satellite program of PATRON art fair the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE) and the ISBN books+gallery* organize a joint Christmas book market. At the market, the publications of the FKSE, independent publications, zines, exhibition catalogs and other professional publications will be available for a super-discounted price. With every purchase, you support the survival of FKSE! Names and keywords: Gábor KRISTÓF | 1×1 | Andrea DUDÁS FAJGERNÉ | MAMA photobooks | Innen | Dávid DEMETER | FFS | Little Warsaw | Studio yearbooks | deposit | Anna ZILAHI | Kata TRANKER | Kisterem | Endre KORONCZI | László GYŐRFFY | László HEGEDŰS 2 | Dorottya VÉKONY | Virág LŐDI | Mózes MURÁNYI | Ilona KESERÜ Ilona | István OCZTOS and a lot of surprise.
The ISBN books+gallery is a brand new art bookstore and a contemporary art gallery. The first pop-up project of the ISBN is the PATRON books 2017.  The most important mission of the ISBN books+gallery is the mapping, collecting, exhibition and distribution of domestic and regional, Hungarian and foreign language, new and antique contemporary art publications, exhibition catalogs, zines, art books, photobooks and theoretical publications.
The ISBN – books+gallery is in the 8th district of Budapest, a few minutes’ walk from Blaha Lujza Square.
Address: H-1084 Budapest, Víg utca 2.
Photos © ISBN books & gallery