Krystyna Bilak, Dóri Lázár, Judit Flóra Shuller : Download - Overview #3
20.02. - 28.03.2020

Krystyna Bilak, Dóri Lázár, Judit Flóra Shuller: Download - Overview #3

20.02. - 23.03.2020.
Várfok Project Room

Vernissage: on February 20, 2020 at 18.30.
Location: Várfok Project Room | 1012 Budapest, Várfok u. 14.

The exhibition will be on view from February 20 to March 28.

Curator: Ajna Maj

In the exhibition that will take place in the Várfok Project Room, will be three young exhibitors and a curator who will have the opportunity to introduce themselves. All of which was made possible via the competition ’Átlátás’ (Overview). This exhibition will be the third showing by the Studio of Young Photographers.

The thesis of this exhibition is a quotation from Milan Kundera. In which to a certain extent, oblivion identifies as death.

”The scariest thing in death is not the losing of future, but the loss of the past. Oblivion in fact is a form of death which is constantly present in our life.”

The photograph, which is an essential medium of the human memory, has not only gone through a technological but also a strong socio-evolutionary development.

In this concentrated presence, where we can record, share, download or upload every event, person or memory just by pressing a button has changed our relation to the past, present and future in its foundations.

Previously in history the most elemental function of photography was to provide a realistic picture. This has now become only a secondary perspective in the world of photo manipulation with filters and effects. The notion of "eternity" was replaced by the irresistible seduction of a few seconds of "instant" fame.

The artworks of this exhibition seek for the opportunities of accelerated perception and interpretation of the images. The result of digitalization based on the common intersection of concepts such as fiction, manipulation and memories.

The exhibition is part of the Overview #3 exhibition series of the Studio of Young Photographers and the official program of Budapest Photo Festival.

Exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund and the Association of Hungarian Photographers.

Pictures from the vernissage.

© Krystyna Bilak

© Dóri Lázár
© Judit Flóra Shuller

Cover photo: © Benedek Regős