Krystyna Bilak: KOMPLEMENT - Overview #3
03 - 27.03.2020

Krystyna Bilak: KOMPLEMENT - Overview #3

03 - 27.03.2020.
ISBN books + gallery

Vernissage: on March 2, 2020 at 7 pm.
Location: ISBN books + gallery| Víg utca 2., 1084 Budapest

The exhibition will be on view from March 3 to 27. Opening hours • tue - fri • 12:00 - 19:00 | sat • 14:00 - 18:00

Curator: Andi Soós

In the flood of pictures we see every day what can catch our eyes? Observing other people was always exciting, and the curiosity towards someone else’s body is even more intense in the age of Instagram. In her work, titled Komplement, Krystyna Bilak is using the human body and its moving as a reference. Meanwhile, she is thinking about how our attention can be directed and how images can be read in a world where they can easily be the tool of abuse or propaganda.

The project Komplement reflects on this 21th century issue: Krystyna Bilak is dealing with the various layers of interpreting images. She is detecting the relationship between perception and meaning. Bilak is driving the sight of the viewer with numbers, points or lines. In her abstract compositions we see a self-portrait of the artist, hands in a sculpture-like order, or just contours of a body resembling us of site inspections of crime
investigations. Absurd movements and unexpectedly appearing body parts encourage us to spend more time decoding each photo. Bilak gives us keys to understand her images by unfolding the process of creating the photographs. Turns out that what seemed to be a digital manipulation is just a reflection, a detail enhanced by a cut out layer or a distorted effect of a coloured foil.

With these simple tools – abstraction of the space, lightning, moving – Bilak built up an illusive scenery, in which she questions the truth of the photographic image. The wooden installation invites the viewer to take part in the interpretation of the work. The masked layers, intertwining frames and the aspects designated by the wooden construction are referring to the fact that perception is influenced by a number of subjective and personal factors.

Krystyna Bilak (b. 1993) graduated from the photography course of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. As her diploma project she presented the series and photographic installation Komplement. In her works, through the analysis of the subjective nature of vision and perception, Bilak is experimenting with photographic representation of reality.

Supporting partners: Studio of Young Photographers (FFS), Association of Hungarian Photographers, National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), Vylyan Winery

© Krystyna Bilak
© Krystyna Bilak
© Krystyna Bilak

Cover photo: © Benedek Regős