Mónika Üveges - Viscosity
2021.08.23. - 09.04

Mónika Üveges - Viscosity

2021.08.23 - 09.04.


The ‘Viscosity’ series continues that defining tendency of Üveges which replaces the traditional frame with bent branches, but enters the space in a more drastic way than before, thus creating a unity of painting and sculpture. She puts monochrome, digitally distorted photographs onto the canvas, depicting plant fragments that are almost unrecognizable, creating a fluid visual effect. Her objects are multi-view, as in their backs are covered in bright, toxic-colored latex, which casts a looming shadow. The two sides articulate the contrast between natural and artificial, which can be explained through the harmful human interference with the environment, yet it creates visual harmony as the canvas tenses and cracks the same way latex does - as if we were looking at a frozen moment of the burst of the existing order.

Tímea Fülöp

The Offspace project with SKURC Group, Krisztina Szalay and Tímea Fülöp will also be presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition can be viewed at:
August 23 - September 4, 2021
Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m.
1053 Budapest, Képíró utca 6.