Foton Gallery debuts for the first time as an exhibitor at the upcoming program of Art Market Budapest. Among our artist selection, we curated the notable members of the Association of Hungarian Photographers (MFSZ) alongside the emerging photographers of Studio of Young Photographers (FFS).
Our collection of pieces represents the intersections of different tendencies in contemporary photography and the fundamental link between various generations of artists. The installation was inspired by the notion of our human relations to our surroundings and nature. These visual observations examine the shifting concept of our constructed, natural, personal, and social environment.
The works represent an unsettling, still harmonious atmosphere through the abstract and representative nature of the medium of photography. Thus, we hope our viewers can relate to the relevant issues of present-day artistic narratives.

Exhibiting artists: Zsolt Birtalan, Mónika Üveges, Emese Tóth, Eszter Lázár, Izabella Nagy, Máté Diósi, Lilla Váczi, Vera A Fehér, Laura Szekeres, Attila Vécsy, Zoltán Fejér

This exhibition is a part of the Hungarian Month of Photography 2021.