True or false?
- #information overload in the 21st century – Part 2

True or false?
- #information overload in the 21st century – Part 2

Vernissage: 6 December 2021, 6 PM

Location: Foton Gallery, 6 Képíró utca, Budapest, 1053

On view: 07-17. December 2021

Project coordinator: Tamás Don

Exhibiting artists: Izabella Nagy, Eszter Lázár, Benedek Regős, Laura Szekeres, Viktor Varga, Lilla Váczi

As mass communication is democratized, every message has an equal chance as it is relayed into the global communications space. The flow of information has accelerated, there is less and less time to check the source of some news, statement or opinion. News portals, opinion leaders and media platforms appear and disappear every day. As a result of the process, it takes less and less resources to produce fake news and spread misinformation. The development of photo, video and audio manipulation technologies has also accelerated dramatically. The authenticity of information disseminated through mass communication channels is thus called into question. Can you tell valid information from lies? Is objective truth important at all to the individual?
The new art project of the Studio of Young Photographers focuses on information overload and fake news. To apply for the programme, members submitted project proposals. The workshop started with professional presentations, and its invited coordinator was Tamás Don, curator of the MODEM Centre for Modern and ContemporaryArt.

Supporting partners: Studio of Young Photographers (FFS), Association of Hungarian Photographers, National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA)